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School Policies


Hauraki School is an official Travelwise school that aims to improve road safety and reduce the number of vehicles driving to and from school at peak times.

Walking school bus routes are encouraged as they are an effective way of reducing traffic congestion at the school gate. These are led by parents who volunteer. 

Parents are provided with frequent reminders about driving carefully, dropping off and picking children up safely and parking appropriately. This is monitored by the school in conjunction with the police. Please read Auckland Transport's message for parents on car restraints for children and safety at the bottom of this page.

Selected year 6 students are trained each year to be road patrol wardens and ensure that students cross the road safely at the pedestrian crossing in front of the school gate. We are grateful to the parents who supervise this on a daily basis.

Children are taught the Safe Walking Programme at school with the help of police to develop an increased awareness of road safety.

Children nine years of age and over are able to ride their bikes to school once they have passed their licence that is administered by the school and police. Read the school Travelwise policy here

    Message for parents on child restraints / car safety

    Car Safety

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