House Colours

Term 2
Wed 26 April – Fri 30 June
Term 3
Mon 17 July – Fri 22 Sept
Term 4
Mon 9 Oct – Tue 19 Dec, 12.30pm

School Policies

Leadership Opportunities

We believe leadership is a skill that can be taught, and when students are given multiple opportunities to learn what leadership means, to build a leadership skill set, to practise and refine those skills and to understand the rewards and responsibilities leadership entails, that they will all have the capacity to be leaders.

HousepointsOpportunities exist for students to develop leadership skills. In year 6 house captains and deputy house captains are elected annually for each of the four houses, North, East, West and South, and they have a number of responsibilities. Other opportunities for senior students include:

  • Open Day speakers
  • Sharing assembly announcers
  • P.E. monitors
  • Road Patrol monitors
  • Lunch monitors
  • IT monitors
  • Librarians
  • Travelwise
  • Office monitors
  • Sports team captains

Other opportunities for all students are:

  • Sharing work at school and sharing assemblies
  • Announcing at assemblies
  • Leading a group within a classroom
  • Star of the Day
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