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School Policies

International Student Enrolment Information

Conditions of Acceptance

  • Year 1–6 students (5–11 years of age) who are staying for longer than three months must live with at least one parent during the entire enrolment period. Those staying for short stays, i.e. less than three months, are also considered.
  • No specified level of English applies.
  • An enrolment form for fee-paying students must be completed for every student, and signed by a parent.
  • Students will only be accepted if there is deemed to be space at the year level concerned and at the discretion of the Principal.
  • The School must be notified of any change in contact details including residential address and accommodation type.
  • A ‘Safe Arrival’ procedure operates on a daily basis and if the child is going to be absent at any  time, parents are required to inform the school.

Application Requirements

On acceptance the following are required:

  • A completed enrolment form (available here or at the school office on arrival)
  • Sighting of passport
  • Copy of visitors visa/permit
  • Verification of Travel and Medical Insurance
  • $3,125  tuition fee for each term that includes GST, at least one term in advance. (There are four terms in any one year.) Cost per year is $12 500.
  • Stationery cost of approximately $60
  • Uniform cost of approximately $300
  • Term activity fund of approximately $25 (each term).

Application Procedure

  • If an Agent is involved they should sign an Agent Agreement that ensures all information being provided to the school complies with the Code of Practice for International Students.
  • Once the application is approved and fees are paid, a receipt is issued with a letter to the Immigration Department for the processing of a student visa.
  • Parents and students are taken on a tour of the school.
  • If possible, the prospective student and parent(s) are introduced to the class teacher and ESOL*  teacher.
  • Aspects of the school and classroom environment, timetable, Behaviour Management Plan, and day-to-day running of the school are explained. These also feature in the School Prospectus.
  • A class placement and start day for the prospective student are agreed upon.           

(*English for Speakers of Other Languages) 

Termination of Enrolment

The Board of Trustees may terminate tuition:

  • in the event of continual misbehaviour unable to be solved through the ‘Behaviour Management Plan’, a criminal act, or the school being unable to provide for a student’s needs.
  • when a full and accurate disclosure of a health problem is not given.
  • if a student is found to be living with someone other than the parent.
  • if the school is not advised immediately of any change in contact details and residential address.        


  • Refunds will not be granted unless exceptional circumstances apply, as deemed by the Board of Trustees. 
  • Any requests regarding refunds should be put in writing to the Board explaining the reason for withdrawal.
  • If an application is successful, a refund will be made less any tuition costs already incurred by the school.
  • The school will refund unspent funds if for some reason the school is unable to continue delivery of the education programme.
  • When a student gains residency, only fees paid beyond one whole term ahead excluding the current term will be refunded.
  • No refund will be paid to a student who is expelled from the school.   

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