House Colours

Term 1
Wed 1 Feb – Thur 6 April
Term 2
Wed 26 April – Fri 30 June
Term 3
Mon 17 July – Fri 22 Sept
Term 4
Mon 9 Oct – Tue 19 Dec, 12.30pm

School Policies


Healthy foodHealthy eating is promoted at Hauraki School. We encourage parents to pack healthy morning teas and lunches that include fresh and/or dried fruit. Please bear in mind that we strongly discourage sweet treats and predominantly packaged food.

Also nuts and nut bars are banned at Hauraki School because of severely allergic children currently on our roll.

Please talk to your children about their lunches so that they are happy to eat the food provided. Check that the amount that your child has is appropriate. Some children have too much and others occasionally do not have enough!

Children should bring their lunch to school each day and something for morning tea as well. No glass containers or sweets are allowed.

Pita Pit orders are taken on Mondays, Subway on Wednesdays and sushi lunches on Fridays.

Sausage sizzles are provided by the PTA once or twice a term as a treat only!

Read the school's food policy here


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