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Hauraki School is an official Travelwise school that aims to improve road safety and reduce the number of vehicles driving to and from school at peak times.

Walking school bus routes are encouraged as they are an effective way of reducing traffic congestion at the school gate. These are led by parents who volunteer. 

Parents are provided with frequent reminders about driving carefully, dropping off and picking children up safely and parking appropriately. This is monitored by the school in conjunction with the police. Please read Auckland Transport's message for parents on car restraints for children and safety at the bottom of this page.

Selected year 6 students are trained each year to be road patrol wardens and ensure that students cross the road safely at the pedestrian crossing in front of the school gate. We are grateful to the parents who supervise this on a daily basis.

Children are taught the Safe Walking Programme at school with the help of police to develop an increased awareness of road safety.

Children nine years of age and over are able to ride their bikes to school once they have passed their licence that is administered by the school and police. Read school cycling policy here

Waking School Bus
Walking school bus

Auckland Transport recognises that it is important for all children to have the opportunity to walk to school, and that we create opportunities to allow them to do so safely.

There are wider community benefits that can be gained from walking school buses as well, ranging from reduced congestion around the school gate to more connected communities.

What is a walking school bus?

A walking school bus is just like a school bus except children walk to and from school under the supervision of adult volunteers, creating a safe and social journey to school.

Under the supervision of adult volunteers (often parents) children are collected from stops along a planned route and dropped off at the school gate. Along the way they learn how to safely negotiate the road and have an opportunity to socialise and share stories with friends and neighbours. What a great way to travel to school!

Walking school buses also make a contribution to reducing the amount of traffic around schools – in Auckland there are more than 200 active walking school buses, with over 4,000 children regularly walking to school. That’s a lot of active feet on the street.

How does it work?

Walking buses usually begin at 8.30am, but this depends on length of the route and the stop that the children get on at. Routes vary in length, usually about 1.5 km and/ or a maximum 30 minute walk. Most walking school buses walk the reverse route in the afternoon.

A walking school bus can operate all five days of the school week or as little as one day per week, depending on the availability of the parent volunteers.

Starting a walking school bus

Starting a walking school bus requires an enthusiastic parent or other adult from the school who wants to be involved in setting up and coordinating a walking school bus route. If you think you are that person, contact your school principal and the local Auckland Transport area office.

Auckland Transport are able to provide all the assistance you need in getting the walking school bus going, including parent/volunteer training, funding, resources, checking the proposed route for safety and on-going support to the route coordinator.

For more details about setting up or volunteering on a walking school bus, please contact your local Auckland Transport area office:


Message for parents on child restraints / car safety

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